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Doctor Profile

Dr. Dinesh P. Shah
Consultant - Physician
MD, Medicine -1965
DOB : 29-12-1938
M.B.B.S. from B.J.Medical College Ahmedabad – 1961
Private practice since 1966 As a Consultant Physician Hon. Physician & Head of Unit at V.S.Hospital 1970-1997 Consultant Physician at Pukhraj Raichand General Hospital Since 1984 & Panchshil Hospital Since 1988 External Examiner in Third M.B.B.S. & M.D. (Medicine) At various universities. (Mumbai – Saurashtra – Rajasthan ) Internal Examiner in Third M.B.B.S. & M.D.( Medicine ) At Gujarat University He is the senior most consulting physician in Sabarmati .
Dr. Kaushik chimanlal shah
Consultant - Laproscopic and GI Surgeon
Location: Ahmedabad
Laproscopic and GI Surgeon

Working as a chairman & Consultant Trauma –laparoscopic & GI Surgeon at "Panchshil Hospital” Sabarmati, Ahmedabad .

Working as Honorary Consultant Surgeon at Sheth M. M. Referral Hospital,Ahmedabad since 15-4-89 to 31- 3 - 1999

Worked at “ The Glenfield Hospital ” Leicester, United Kingdom from 27th March1995 To 21st April as a Clinical Assistant under Mr. Richard Windle - A well known Gastroenterologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Field of interest : Bariatric surgery and laparoscopic surgery Research Activities.
E mail : kcsrks@hotmail.com

Awarded as “ President Scout” award in 1972 by President of India Honourable. Shri V. V. Giri.

Award “ Two Star ” Metric Certificate from Government of India - Ministry of Education & Social Welfare 1976 .

Past President of Leo Club of Sabarmati in 1986. At present active member of Lions Club of Sabarmati.

Active member of N. S. S. Unit of Smt. N. H. L. Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad.

Member of Surgeons on Association of Ahmedabad surgeon and Associaton of Surgeons of India. Worked as joint editor of ASICON TIMES an official publication of annual conference of Association of Surgeons of India-held at Ahmedabad in 1998 .

Worked as zonal representative of Association of Surgeons of India-Gujarat Chapter from 1999 to 2002.

Worked as a convener & secretary of sports medicine of Gujarat – SMAG

Worked as Hon .treasurer of Association of Surgeons of India-Gujarat Chapter From 2002 to 2005

Worked as Hon. Secretary of Association of Surgeons of India-Gujarat Chapter for the year 2006 and organizing secretary of GUJSURGCON-2006.an Official conference of Association of surgeons of India-Gujarat Chapter.

Worked as Editor of GSSA TIMES an official publication of Gujarat State Surgeons Association.- 2001 and 2002.

Worked as chairman of JB haribhakti CME in ahmedabad 2008 .

Worked as president of association of surgeons of india – Gujarat chapter 2011

Worked as a chairman of GUJSURGCON-2011at ahmedabad.

Worked as a Organizing Secretary of ASICON -2013 Annual conference of All India Surgeon association .

Worked as co chairman of ASI –social security scheme 2014. Presently working as a President of Jain Doctor Federation Ahmedabad .

Presently working as member governing council of All India surgeon ‘s association sin 2010

Dr. Rupal kaushik shah
Consultant - Anaesthetist and Intensivist
MBBS MD anesthesia
Location: Ahmedabad
Consultant anaesthesiologist & Intensivist at Rajasthan hospital
Presently working as a chief anaesthesiologist at Panchshil hospital
Specialise for all major surgery anaesthesia like laproscopy , micro vascular .
Area of interest : Critical care

National merit scholarship by ministry of education and youth services Govt. Of india.
Dr. Leena P. Shah
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Location: Ahmedabad

Life Member of I.M.A, A.M.A , A.O.G .S , Federation of obstetric and gynaecological Society of India

Running Registered Ultra sound generic clinic.

She is qualified Obstetric and gynaecological sonologist .

She is conducting Basic and Advanced sonography with colour Doppler

She has participated at various workshops in Gujarat and Ahmedabad under auspices of A.O.G.S and F.O.G.S.J and U.K.based Sonologist

She is specialised in Infertility Clinic ,Counselling with treatment , Sonological work up , Laparoscopic procedures ,I U J , back up with specialist.

She is specialised in Gynec – oncology , primary screening for cervical cancer , cancelling for breast cancer awareness , gynaecological malignancy


She has organised school health programmes at various urban and rural school for Adolescent children .

Dr. Vipul Shah
Dental Surgeon
Location: Ahmedabad

Passed BDS from Govt. Dental College & Hospital Ahmedabad in 1995

Specially train in oral & Maxillofacial Dept at G.D.C & H.A

Working experience with orthodontist for 3 yr and total experience of 20+ years.

Dr. Saumya Kaushik Shah
Consultant Head and Neck and ENT Surgeon
MBBS,M.S,E.N.T , FIHNS ( Fellow in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology), Fellow in skull base surgery( Bombay hospital, Mumbai)
Location: Ahmedabad
Consultant Head and Neck and ENT Surgeon

Speciliased in head and neck mandible and oral cancers

Underwent extensive training in nasal and maxillary tumours and skull base malignaancies

Well trained in performing all ENT procedures and managing thyroid diseases..

Special interest in reconstructive surgery and all endocscopic procedures..

Well trained in managing all complex and difficult cases of head and neck and ENT..

Dr. Mamta Saumya Shah
Consultant Opthalmologist and Phaco Refractive Surgeon
MBBS, M.S. Ophthalmology, FPRS (fellow phaco and refractive surgery) Bangalore, FICO (fellow of international council of ophthalmology) London,
Location: Ahmedabad
Specialised in Phacoemulsification surgery and refractive surgery
Underwent extensive training in all kinds of refractive surgeries - PRK, Microkeratome LASIK, Femto LASIK, SMILE, Phakik IOLs etc.

Well trained in diagnosis and management of glaucoma, eyelid conditions and retinal conditions.